Where to Find Additional Information about a Product

Where to Find Additional Information about a Product

If you are seeking additional information about a product for personal use, you can of course ask the company itself or friends and family. There are also plenty of forums you can look to for further information.

However, if you are seeking additional information about a product to review on your blog or review site, there may be a few more places to look.

Most websites that offer a particular product have a tab or link that states “Additional Information.” This is a great place to go to find additional information that is not readily visible on the first page. This tab or link may also direct you to other links or blogs related to this particular product.

Let’s say for example that the product is a camera. You may be on a content site that simply discusses the ups and downs of this particular camera. A tab or link for that particular camera is more than likely included in the blog post or article. Clicking on that link will take you to a manufacturer or retailer of that camera. Here you can learn more information.

Of course, the obvious place to go is directly to the manufacturer of the product. While you may get a positive review of the product, it may be a bit biased. Try going to several other online avenues to explore what you may not like or want about that particular product.

Start out by doing a simple search for the term or product and see what turns up for you. Do not be afraid to go a few pages into the search to find an authentic view on this item.

Look to the bevy of forums online where individuals meet to talk endlessly and for hours about their love or disappointment of a particular product. Or, even better, a suggestion for a better item.

Also, look to specialized review sites for a review on the product or item you are searching. You can spot a good review site right away. A good review site will be authentic and also offer details. “A simple, great product” or “Good job” is not a good review. Do a little research and dig to find the review site that offers details, descriptions, experiences, and interaction with the company if applicable.

Of course, good old-fashioned word-of-mouth still works when it comes to asking questions and getting answers about a product or item. If you are still seeking answers to questions that elude you, write to the company itself.

Last but not least is turning to guides and magazines such as Consumer Reports. Going to the library may seem like a thing of the past; however, when it comes to finding additional information about any product, sometimes the old way is the best.

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